For the Past 120 Years the Al Fardan?¨ name has been traditionally associated with Pearl Trading in the Arabian Gulf. Al Fardan Jewellery, is a leader in trading branded jewellery and watches in the region with branches spread across the UAE serving the elite clientele of Middle East including the Royal families.

Al Fardan Jewellery is the exclusive agent for the following designer Swiss/French Watches.

Barthelay S.A Bertolucci Al Ain Philippe
Montres Consul S.A Chaumet Paris Girard PerreGaux
Eterna Corum Jesu's Castro Vacheron Constantin

Despite the expansion of the business, the promoters did not neglect the natural pearl business. On the contrary, they have put in more efforts in terms of time and money to update the development of the pearl business to cater to the latest tastes and trends in Jewellery


1. "Al Fardan" name has been strongly associated in Pearl trading for more than 120 years.

2. Exclusive agents for international brands(Jewellery & Watches).

3. Wide range of models stocked in 8 branches across UAE.

4.  Diversification of retail & Establishment of Vacheron Boutiques across UAE.
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