The company's offices have been furnished with the most advanced technical methods to ensure the best services for our clients, smoothly and easily.  The customers' hall has been furnished with screens via which stock prices shall be shown instantly in addition to an internal effective system to get into contact with the brokers.

The company was also furnished with state-of-the-art technological devices and programs that ensures the best services to the clients, in our pursuit of our desire to increase the company's capability to compete and march alongside with the development of services offered by brokerage companies, such as:

1.  Sale and purchase of shares for clients at Dubai Stock Market and Abu Dhabi Stock Market through the company’s main center.
2. Instant electronic exchange.

3. Cash transactions and receiving of funds from our Cash Collection Centers.

3. Immediate SMS services for confirmation of transactions.

4. Possibility for clients to view and follow their accounts online.

5. Electronic risk management.

6. Availability of Servers Backup, ready to work in case of any breakdown.

7. Automatic storage of data.

8. Advanced communication system

9. Recording of phone calls regarding transactions operations.
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