Al Fardan Financial Services is a brokerage house that was founded inthe beginning of 2006, and launched its activities in the late of 2006.

Al Fardan Financial Services earned itself, over its first year of operation,an unequivocal position as a leading provider of trading in shares, which isthe backbone the financial markets prosperity.


Capitalizing on founders and Executives of many years of experience whoput “Quality” on the top of Al Fardan Financial Services priorities as a workcriterion and a mechanism for the policy of Execution.


However, it is also distinguished for being an organization that appliesstate-of-the- art technical means to offer unique service and accurateinformation to investors, and train the staff to carry out the professionalduties with high efficiency and competence. More important, it bolsters ties ofjoint cooperation with different financial markets such as Qatari FinancialMarket and Egyptian Financial Market.

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